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I met Paul and Cindy Douglas (heads of Melon) at a house party in Halifax a couple of summers ago and I think if I had to pick a start date for the Atrux time line, that would probably be the one.  I don’t remember much about the conversation except that it centered around this idea that I had for a percussion piece that needs a custom made conga.  It was one of those napkin-sketch moments where you are talking really fast with your hands and ideas that might seem pretty crazy in the morning are merely a couple of design drawings away.

It should go without saying that ideas for that conga are still in the “conceptual” phase but that conversation stuck with me.   They didn’t know my work and they didn’t know me, but they listened  and talked about collaboration.  It got me thinking about how people can work together and about how communities are built.  At that point I had been in Nova Scotia for almost a year and opportunities to talk about art had been few and far between and that conversation was a really great reminder that art still existed and that crazy ideas are a great place to start.

At the end of night I had a business card and was thinking about projects we could work on together and just thinking about art again.  Atrux took me a while to figure out, but it really all started in a kitchen in Nova Scotia, over a couple pints of Keith’s.

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