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Jahangir is our Chairman. He is also one of my best friends, and has been off and on since our first day of high school.  Over the years I’ve shared a lot of crazy ideas with him, but when I first started thinking about Atrux, it was obvious that he was going to be a part of it somehow, regardless of how much convincing I needed to do.  It shouldn’t have surprised me that he was in from that first conversation, no convincing required.  He has scouted venues and looked at website templates, listened to me ramble about sustainability and publication ideas, hand written concert tickets, debated the name of the series and chosen logos.  He does all this with the same enthusiasm he brought to all the music projects we worked on in high school.

While his official title is our Chairman of the Board (which means he will get a Sinatra CD for every Christmas in the foreseeable future) J is also our “voice of reason”.  Since I have an unfortunate tendency of dreaming a little too big, it’s nice to know he’s watching my back to make sure that things don’t get out of hand (like expanding the first concert series to 10 shows).  He also brings a unique perspective to this whole endeavour.  A perspective that is informed by degrees in biochemistry, work on water policy in Pakistan, extensive travel in Africa and now law school in Calgary.  Through all of this he’s managed to maintain an interest in the connection between community, sustainability, art, culture and the importance of ensuring meaningful dialogue around this is occurring continuously.

We took a road trip to Calgary this summer (to move J into law school) and one of the highlights of the trip for me (aside from walking on the Columbia Icefields) was just driving, with Joe Purdy playing, talking about ways the concert series could be extended to enhance community building opportunities between Vancouver and LA, and the possibilities for future collaborations and the always exciting “next project”.  We talked a lot about audience experience and trying to structure Gridlock to encourage critical feedback and audience interaction with the artists in ways that aren’t intimidating.

Jahangir is the kind of audience member that Atrux wants:  curious and interested and not afraid to admit when he either doesn’t like or doesn’t understand something.

He is flying in for Gridlock 1.0 in March and is looking forward to meeting Douglas and talking about ideas around interpretive notation, logic and performance (I think this interest in systems is the lawyer in him coming through).  He’s also excited about being involved in the structure and production of the series itself, and for a chance to connect with the ever-expanding network of Atrux.

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