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Atrux is in the midst of a bunch of really interesting projects, but while we plan and wait and think and plan and thing, I want to help get the word out about a bunch of really interesting ongoing art projects (and also to hopefully introduce you to future Atrux collaborators).

First on the docket:  “A Lyric a Day” is a pretty self explanatory project by Cheltenham, United Kingdom based graphic designer Luke Beard.

Using lyrics that range from former “Hot Boy” Lil Wayne to current Indie darlings Mumford and Sons, the project is a great introduction to Luke as a designer in a format where he also gets to play around.  The rigid timeline of the project seems to encourage a kind of frantic creativity that I’m sure has produced some pieces that wouldn’t have happened if the work has taken place under more comfortable circumstances.

Another great thing is that as patterns begin to emerge…..

(It seems like Luke is a fan of the collage and portraits from the 50’s and 60’s)

and you think you might have a handle on his aesthetic, he comes out with something completely unexpected.

With over 5,000 Tumblr followers  and a print run of postcards scheduled, this great art project is picking up steam.  Personally I’m excited that we still have four months left to see what Luke can do.

Hopefully it includes more work like this:

All images are property of Luke Beard.  For more check out ALAD on Flickr.

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