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Art imitates life.

Or so I’ve been told often enough during my time as a musician.

Clinton and Joshua seriously analyze the night's show

And I’m starting to think there might be some truth to it.

For this entire series we’ve brought in artists that are all part of the tight community of artists based around the California Institute of the Arts.  Musicians that have worked together for years and will likely be making compelling art together for years to come.

Gridlock 4.0 however was a bit different:

Clinton meet Josh.  Josh meet Clinton.

Now you could argue and say that for the most part jazz is an idiom that thrives on collaboration and that it really wasn’t a big deal that these guys had never met, and for the most part you would probably be right, but this was a recording session and the first time Clinton had been invited somewhere outside of America to showcase his music and the first session with an engineer he’d also never met.

It made for some interesting moments.

Trying to explain things that are usually second nature to someone who might as well be speaking a different language is difficult.  Throughout the whole series we’ve been trying to figure out how to talk to Vancouver about this CalArts community that we are so connected to.  Luckily for us the conversation between Clinton and Josh was a bit more straightforward.

Those are the conversations that start to build and integrate artistic communities.  Or to put it in a more “Gridlock” perspective: If you understand someone’s music while you’re having a beer with them, you might understand it in the performance space as well.

Maybe the initial phase of integrating or strengthening artistic communities needs to happen on a micro scale:  One artist from Canada, one from California.  And go….. And maybe Gridlock was expecting too much too soon from everyone involved.

So let’s think about it this whole thing like an introduction: Clinton and Josh got it enough to make a pretty good start on a record.

And hopefully next time our conversation with Vancouver will go a bit beyond “hello”.

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