Ohm’s Law? I’m sorry can you repeat that…

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So Gridlock is over.

And while we keep working on the recording projects and some print designs, I got an interesting offer a few weeks ago that I’m pretty excited about.

I have the chance to write for a couple of fantastic musicians as part of a festival for the Los Angeles Friends of the River.

Thankfully a high degree of trust exists between “The Friends” and I and I’ve been given free reign over what the piece can be, with only a single note of caution:  The performance is beside the freeway.

Now for those of you that don’t know basically everywhere is beside (or near) some kind of freeway in Los Angeles, and so while this wasn’t surprising, I thought it was a problem that deserved some consideration.  So I started thinking about the river and how it relates to Los Angeles and the question that I kept coming back to was:

“How do you amplify the quiet?”

(Because truthfully my “small sound” music is going to need a little kick to cut through the billboards and the bright lights of the City of Angeles)

My unoriginal answer (that I kept coming back to) was solar powered amplifiers.

It seemed so simple at the time…..

Needless to say I’ve been reading up on voltage and speaker resistance and Ohm’s law and capacitors and trying to figure out how to read schematics and calculating the DC voltage of solar panel units wired in series.  This is an example of those things you learn in high school that will never be applicable in that thing called the “real world”.

I’m excited (my calculator is tired!) about the possibilities.

Stay tuned for more pictures from what is sure to be a long process!

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