I’ll Wait for the Sun

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While we wait and plan and listen and wait and plan and listen some more, I’ve started working on these solar powered amplifiers.

The first baby steps forward happened today:

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s definitely a start.

This is a change, a huge one, for me as an artist.  Working in a format I can barely understand (3 weeks of reading and electrical schematics are still unintelligible), with tools I don’t know how use, while trying to reverse engineer a final product that produces sound without overheating or blowing up.

I am better when looking at staff paper than a circuit board.

But this is helping me remember the sense of possibility that comes with working on something new.  Sometimes we forget that, get into patterns, focus on the art that we know.

Thankfully Atrux isn’t about playing it safe.

Hopefully Week 2 will be just as productive……

Again we’ll keep you posted…..

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