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So as the title suggests I got to spend some time in the PDX last week.

Portland had a lot to live up to.  During my time in LA it was universally considered the one city I had to see before I headed back up North (unfortunately I wasn’t able to make that happen) and it was hailed as a city with a strong and supportive creative community with great coffee and even better beer.

It didn’t disappoint.

I got to spend some time working on a project for the “day job” with the great folks at Periscopic, and I got to check out a really interesting “conference” put on by The New Communicators.

Interested in how we communicate, the second year of events focused on Reciprocity and how it and unspoken social norms influence communication today.  Presentations ranged from a Keynote examining education and public policy to definitions of all the social media animals you will encounter once you start interacting with the public through a variety of tools.

I also learned that here at Atrux we are what they call “Lükologists” (for more on this great collaboration check out the citizens think tank Research Club) and that creativity (in whatever form you find it) is an asset and every time you go out in the world looking for willing collaborators, you have a way of finding them.

This is the greatest cup of coffee I've ever had.

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