The Collective

From the Latin words for Light and Dark The Atrux Collective embraces duality as we confront what it means to make art using a model that is truly sustainable and collaborative.

We extend the definition of sustainable to include a variety of parameters: economics, materials, travel, promotion, venues and the creative content.  We are currently at the beginning of a major cultural shift towards a new idea of what sustainability actually means and The Atrux Collective believes that artists are in a unique position to lead this shift and challenge traditional assumptions around funding, performance and collaboration.

Atrux is based in Vancouver, with strong connections to artistic communities in Los Angeles, Toronto, Boston and New York.   We are excited about our phenomenal creative capacity and the potential for long term collaboration to enhance and shape the culture of the places where Atrux has roots that run deep.

Formed in summer 2009, Atrux adds a dedicated administrative team (The Suits) to our crew of innovative artists to create an organization focused on exploring new ways of managing, promoting, funding and presenting art.

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